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We provide an all round service to business of all shapes and sizes as well as individuals. In particular there is the following:

Personal Tax

The taxation of your business or for yourself can be quite a complex matter, which is just as well as it keeps us in business. And it is forever changing. Perhaps one day they will get it right but I can see no sign of it so far.

We advise and offer planning on all taxes and there are a lot of them, actually too many but that’s another story. We deal with the filing of personal, partnership and trust tax returns. Each year around the end of April we start the tax return process off by sending all clients a checklist to assist them in getting the right information to us for their tax return. Once we have the information back with the check list we prepare a detailed summary of all the entries in the tax return plus a note of the tax to be paid and when it is due. Once approved the return is sent in online by us. It is as easy as that. We even remind you when and what to pay even if you don’t want to be reminded.



If you have a business, self employment or rental income, you will need to have accounts prepared. Each business has its own way of doing things and we will fit in with you. We prepare accounts for all types of ventures including:
Sole traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Flat Management Companies, Trusts, Estates, Charities, Clubs, Associations and anything else you can think of.



We deal with all facets of company matters including the formation of companies, the annual return, appointment and resignation of directors, share transfers, the payment of dividends and all company secretarial matters. We can also advise as to whether you should trade through a company in the first place.

We deal with filing the corporation tax self assessment form online and advise what Corporation Tax has to be paid and when.


VAT/ Bookkeeping/ Payroll: Our services include:

  • Book-keeping
  • Payroll including the completion of year-end Online Returns
  • VAT returns
  • Management Accounts
  • Assistance and advice on various book-keeping functions


Business Support: We will communicate with you to understand you and your business as well as we can and to try and help you in the way in which you run your business.



For reasons yet to be explained, we charge for our services. Fees are usually based on the time we spend and the type of task performed. Our services are provided at competitive prices at a cost within reach of small businesses and individuals.


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